How to Protect Yourself During a New York Divorce Court From Your Narcissistic Husband

Divorce in New yorkAmicable divorces are rare, but definitely possible with the right approach. However, going through a New York divorce with a narcissist can be a different nightmare situation altogether. Narcissists remain self-involved to an extreme degree, often ignoring those around them. Genuine narcissists commonly disregard others and their feelings, completely ignoring the impact their behavior can have on others.

Divorcing a narcissist husband or wife will prove troublesome. Many of these individuals thrive on drama and chaos. Nonetheless, you can survive the split with your sanity intact by taking the proper steps and preparing yourself for a potentially bumpy ride.

Mastermind Communication with a New York Divorce

One of the best ways to minimize drama during your divorce is by facilitating communication and learning to do so effectively. A narcissist may try to drag you into endless debates or drama and you may feel forced to defend yourself because of it.

When communicating with a narcissistic spouse, use concise and informative information that remains neutral in tone. Strategic communication won’t coerce a narcissistic individual to act diplomatically, but it should invite less animosity during communication.

Thankfully, the advent of technology enables couples to communicate and work through their divorce situation without face-to-face interaction. A New York divorce online is entirely possible, alleviating significant fear and anxiety towards the situation.

Manage Reactions

Narcissists feed on pushing buttons and provoking reactions. Don’t take the bait and rise to their challenges. Unmeasured, emotional reactions only serve to prove their manipulation works, giving them what they want and enabling them to expand on their tactics.

A narcissist may say or do ridiculous things to stir up your emotions. Getting you riled up can help make them feel more powerful. When communicating with your narcissistic spouse, work on coping mechanisms and skills to stay calm. Providing these individuals with less ammunition will help mitigate their harassment attempts.

Don’t Anticipate Change

No happy marriage ends in divorce. If you can’t get a narcissistic spouse to act reasonably during a relationship, you probably can’t work miracles to get them to change now that the marriage is approaching its end.

Hire a narcissist divorce lawyer, seek a New York online divorce, and do what you must to get through the situation. Accept your spouse for the way they are. Realizing that your narcissistic, soon-to-be ex won’t change can help you release toxic, hopeful emotions while focusing on what you can control in the situation.

Hire an Expert New York Divorce Attorney

Mediation is almost always a better option for a swift, amicable resolution. This process can help you save time, money, and your sanity. Unfortunately, mediation requires two individuals that demonstrate a capability for compromise, a tool not often a part of the narcissist’s toolbox.

Find a qualified, expert legal professional with experience in high-conflict divorces and dealing with narcissistic individuals. This specialist can formulate realistic strategies while guiding you through your divorce with a narcissist.

WhitsonLaw, PLLC dedicates our time and effort to helping clients through family law situations in the greater areas of the New York States. A narcissist divorce lawyer from our team can help you protect yourself and survive your dissolution with your sanity intact. We provide helpful, free resources to help you prepare for any divorce situation, including the new book Divorce Like a Pro: A Better Way to Break Up by Debra Whitson, founder, and CEO of WhitsonLaw, PLLC.

To learn more about a New York divorce online, as well as more assistance handling the divorce process with a narcissistic individual, contact our dedicated and professional team today for additional information.

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