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The process can vary based on factors such as the type of adoption, the age of the child, and the parties involved.

Research and Preparation:

Prospective adoptive parents begin by researching adoption agencies, attorneys, or facilitators. They gather information, attend informational sessions, and complete any required pre-adoption education.

Choose an Adoption Path:

New York offers various adoption paths, including agency adoption, private adoption, and international adoption. Prospective parents choose the path that aligns with their preferences and circumstances.

Home Study:

Regardless of the adoption path, a home study is required. This involves a comprehensive assessment of the prospective parents’ suitability to adopt. It includes interviews, background checks, and home visits.

File Adoption Petition:

After completing the home study, prospective parents file an adoption petition with the court. This legal document officially initiates the adoption process.

Consent or Termination of Parental Rights:

In cases of domestic adoption, birth parents may consent to the adoption. In some situations, parental rights may be terminated through legal proceedings.

Adoption Placement:

Once all legal requirements are met, the child is placed with the adoptive parents. In agency adoptions, this placement is often facilitated by the adoption agency.

Post-Placement Supervision:

Post-placement visits and supervision may be required by the adoption agency or social worker to ensure the well-being and adjustment of the adopted child.


The finalization of the adoption involves a court hearing where the adoptive parents legally become the child’s parents. The court issues a final decree of adoption.

Issuance of a New Birth Certificate:

After finalization, a new birth certificate is issued with the adoptive parents’ names. This document reflects the legal parent-child relationship.

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