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Certified Divorce Specialists
Certified Divorce Specialists
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What Is a Certified Divorce Specialists® Aligned Law Firm?


Why Having Our Certified Divorce Specialists® Matters for You

We Help You Make Empowered Decisions

We Help You Make Empowered Decisions

Our divorce attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of family law, not just the basics. We will translate legalese into clear terms, explaining the full impact of every decision you make throughout the divorce process. This empowers you to choose the path that best protects your future.

Protecting Your Assets and Child Custody

Protecting Your Assets and Child Custody

Dividing assets and determining child custody are often the most contentious aspects of a divorce. Our divorce attorneys have extensive experience in these areas and will develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure your financial security and the well-being of your children. You can count on us to fight diligently for a fair and balanced outcome.

Maintaining Objectivity When Emotions Run High

Maintaining Objectivity When Emotions Run High

Divorce can be a rollercoaster of emotions.  Our dedicated divorce lawyers will be your trusted advisor, guiding you through the process with a sound plan. We will help you focus on practical short- and long-term solutions, avoiding decisions fueled by anger or resentment.

Experienced Negotiator Who Can Level the Playing Field

Experienced Negotiator Who Can Level the Playing Field

If your spouse has legal representation, you should not do it alone. Our divorce attorneys can give you the best fighting chance if your spouse also brings a divorce attorneys. We will ensure your voice is heard throughout the negotiations and advocate passionately for your rights and best interests.

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Choose from Our Service Packages

1. Our Family In Two Homes

(Ideal for divorcing couples who want to put their children first)
Amicable divorce lawyers for couples with children, prioritizing co-parenting and minimizing conflict.

2. Designing Our Future Together

(Ideal for couples entering a new stage in their relationship)
Our family law attorneys help couples and families plan for a future together, including blended families, cohabitation agreements, and prenups.

3. Our Family In A Few Homes

(Ideal for parents divorcing later in life who want to avoid conflict and maintain family bonds)
Our divorce attorneys assist families with adult children, focusing on communication and preserving relationships with extended family.
Collaborative Divorce and Mediation with Our Divorce Lawyers

Navigate Your New York Divorce with Greater Cooperation and Less Acrimony

New York City Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

What Is a New York Collaborative Divorce?

Minimize the Financial Impact and Preserve Your Interests with Our Divorce Lawyers

Searching for “Family Lawyer Near Me?”

If You are Facing a Contentious Divorce, Let Our Family Court Attorneys Protect Your Rights and Achieve a Positive Outcome

Seeing Through Your Lenses

Our team at WhitsonLaw understands your unique situation. We empathize with your concerns, priorities, and goals and take the time to understand your situation. Whether it is a child custody arrangement or property division, we customize our approach to meet your needs

Skilled Negotiation

Collaborative divorce and mediation require honed negotiation skills. Our family court attorneys are well-versed in finding common ground, advocating for your rights, and seeking mutually beneficial solutions.

Clear Guidance from Start to End

Navigating a divorce can be overwhelming. Our family court attorneys provide clear guidance, explaining legal options, potential outcomes, and the steps involved so you will not feel lost in the legal maze.

Full Legal Support

Our family court attorneys will handle everything from paperwork to court appearances. We aim to alleviate your stress so you can focus on rebuilding your life.
Our Focused Practice Areas in New York

Let Our Family Lawyers Assist You with Your Family Law Case

  • Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Mediation
  • Adoption
  • Separation Agreement
  • Grandparent’s Rights
  • Protective Order


Child Support

Child Custody



Separation Agreement

Grandparent’s Rights

Protective Order

Frequently Asked Divorce Lawyer Question

Do I Need to Sell My House Following a Divorce?

Certified Divorce Specialists®
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Certified Divorce Specialists
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WhitsonLaw PLLC, Child Custody Lawyers Ready to Represent You

Let Our Child Custody Lawyers Help You Determine the Best Parenting Arrangement for Your Children

Guidelines for Parenting Time

Parenting time allows the non-custodial parent to spend meaningful time with the child. Our child custody lawyers can assist you in developing a parenting plan that suits your unique needs. In rare cases where there is a history of child abuse or neglect, supervised parenting time can be requested, or a court may grant "no parenting time."

Changes in Child Support Obligation

Every child deserves support from their parents. At WhitsonLaw PLLC, our dedicated support lawyers can help you determine the amount of child support owed based on statutory requirements. If the standard percentage seems unreasonable or inappropriate, we can help you negotiate an amount that both parents find fair.

Child support obligations may also include the child’s educational expenses, healthcare, and childcare expenses. Our child support lawyers will help you determine these expenses and modify the agreement if necessary.

Ensuring Your Child Support Agreement Meets New York State Standards

Your agreement determining the amount of child support must meet specific technical provisions of the New York Child Support Standards Act. Our child support lawyers will ensure your agreement complies with these provisions to avoid potential legal disputes.

At WhitsonLaw PLLC, we understand that your child's well-being is your primary concern. Our experienced child support lawyers will work with you every step to ensure you achieve the best possible child support arrangements for you and your child.
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