Mediation Lawyers in Saratoga Springs, NY

Mediation Lawyer In Saratoga Springs, NY

Family Law Mediation Services In New York State


What Is Mediation?

Why Choose Mediation?

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The Benefits Of Mediation:


Mediation is far less costly than engaging in court litigation, making it a financially sensible choice.


Your family matters are private, with no public airing of personal information in courtrooms.

Control Over Your Outcome:

Unlike court decisions, mediation puts you in control, allowing you to shape the future of your life and your children’s lives.

Timely Resolution:

Mediation is quick and convenient, allowing you to move forward with your life promptly. We offer flexible scheduling, including online sessions through video conferencing.

Protecting Your Children:

By choosing mediation, you keep your children out of the conflict, setting the stage for civil co-parenting.

Preserving Dignity and Sanity:

Avoid the emotional toll of courtroom battles where adversarial situations and mudslinging are encouraged.

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