Separation Agreement Lawyers in Saratoga Springs, NY

Separation Agreement Lawyer In Saratoga Springs, NY

Separation Agreement

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Separation Agreement In New York State Involves A Few Steps

Agree Together

Both partners need to agree to separate and work together on the terms.

Get Legal Advice

Each person should talk to their own lawyers for advice. This ensures everyone’s interests are considered.

Collect Info

Gather details about money, assets, and debts. This helps decide how everything will be shared.

Talk and Decide

Discuss and agree on things like who gets what, child custody, and support. A mediator can help if needed.

Write It Down

Lawyers or a mediator will write down the agreed terms in a document called a separation agreement.

Review and Sign

Both people should carefully read and understand the agreement before signing. Signatures need to be notarized.

Keep a Copy

While not required, it’s a good idea to keep a copy of the agreement for future reference.

Live Separately

To qualify for a no-fault divorce in New York, both partners must live separately based on the terms of the agreement for about a year.

Optional: Start Divorce

If both agree, they can use the separation agreement as a basis to start divorce proceedings after the waiting period.
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What Is The Differences Of Separation Agreement To Divorce?

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