3 Subtle Signs Your Narcissist Husband Wants a Divorce And When to Get a New York Divorce Lawyer

Divorce couple.

No spouse wants to hear, “I think we should get a divorce.” 

Those words don’t always come from narcissistic partners, but if they do, your road is about to get a whole lot bumpier. Narcissists are known to be selfish and manipulative. Some narcissistic individuals even show traits of being unfaithful in the relationship, which triggered the talk of divorce in the first place.

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that not everyone is the same. Many narcissistic spouses stay in marriage despite their desire to leave. In some cases, narcissistic husbands choose to remain in the relationship simply because of the control it provides them.

Does this sound like you? If you or someone you know is married to a narcissist, you may wonder about the stages of divorcing a narcissist or what the cues and warning signs are that might indicate your narcissistic partner may want a divorce. Read on to learn more from our narcissist divorce lawyers at WhitsonLaw. The divorce procedure may be difficult, but our team is here to do what we can to smooth the transition.

Divorce Warning Signs

What are some early warning signs you might notice if you keep a close eye on your relationship? You may notice that your husband begins to withdraw from the relationship emotionally. Narcissists commonly play the blame game, refusing to notice a fault in their actions. Before they get the papers for a divorce in New York, they’ll become more critical of your actions and find fault with many things you do.

Your spouse may begin to let themselves go, neglecting their appearance as time passes. Additionally, they may become increasingly distant towards you. As you notice some of these behaviors, you should discuss things with your husband. These indicators could signify they’re considering a divorce in New York, entirely unbeknownst to you.

Control in Isolation

Significant life changes like marriage or children happen to many of us. However, if your life remains rife with severed ties and “used to be” friends relationships, you may be dealing with a narcissistic husband.

Narcissists love controlling other individuals. Throughout a relationship, you may notice that it always seems like they’re the ones running the show. These individuals may also portray you or your friends as selfish parties that want everything their way. It may seem they’re trying to turn your friends against you–and unfortunately, it often works.

Narcissistic spouses are inherently good at this tactic, potentially making you question those you surround yourself with and even yourself.

The Gaslight Anthem

A narcissistic husband may gaslight you, using words and behaviors that cause you to doubt your reality (or sanity). Gaslighting can represent a form of abuse where a narcissistic spouse intentionally manipulates and distorts the truth to encourage self-doubt and continued patterns of attempts to control.

Let’s Get Critical

Narcissists may express doubts about their spouse’s parenting ability when considering divorce in New York. They’ll start by perceiving (and voicing) issues with your child’s behavior and how they relate to your parenting skills.

To add insult to injury, narcissistic husbands typically won’t involve themselves in genuinely raising the children, possibly relying on their careers and busy lives to skirt responsibilities.

How to Divorce a Narcissistic Husband

When considering divorce in New York with a narcissistic spouse, it’s important to remember to stay strong and get ready for a bumpy ride. The situation won’t be easy, but you need to remain calm and civil. Don’t let what your husband says get to you as you don’t want any heated arguments to be used against you in court.

Approach the situation prepared, remove any illusion that they’ll behave well, set boundaries, and treat the divorce situation like a business transaction with no genuine emotion. Get a legal professional involved.

An attorney can help you handle some or all of a divorce case. That said, you must tell your legal specialist that your husband is considering divorce and may be a narcissist. Lawyers can take over communications with your spouse, notably reducing the emotional strain commonly associated with any divorce, let alone a dissolution with a narcissistic individual.

WhitsonLaw is a team of narcissist divorce lawyers in New York working to guide our clients to the best possible resolution in their divorce cases. We provide various free resources, and our founder/CEO has recently published the book Divorce Like a Pro: A Better Way to Break Up.

To learn more about the stages of divorcing a narcissist and how our legal professionals can assist you, contact WhitsonLaw to schedule a consultation.

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