Collaborative Divorce: The Best Way To End A Marriage

Collaborative Divorce: The Best Way To End A Marriage

When we think about divorce, we might picture the movies or the law series where there is a lot of shouting and disagreement – it doesn’t have to be this way. 

While many emotions are involved in divorce proceedings, many ex-couples can benefit from a gentler and more collaborative process. 

What Is A Collaborative Divorce? 

A collaborative divorce is a way to end a marriage through collaborative law. In general, you will still hire a collaborative divorce attorney to walk you through the process. Each party will negotiate the divorce in a cooperative rather than argumentative way. While the method is newer, it is very beneficial for spouses who are on good terms but no longer wish to be married. 

While each spouse will hire a collaborative divorce attorney, a sit-down with a range of specialists is always a good idea. This may include divorce coaches, financial specialists, and others to resolve all disagreements – if there are any.

During a collaborative divorce, neither spouse intends or wishes to go to court; instead, they are looking for the most amicable resolution. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Collaborative Divorce? 

For parties who are looking for an effective way to end a marriage without causing more emotion or financial stress to the other, collaborative divorce offers that option. 

A Collaborative Divorce Is Cheaper

When both parties are happy with the collaborative divorce, it is a much cheaper process in most cases. Where divorces have been litigated, the length of time and legal fees become exponentially more expensive. However, the process is faster and significantly cheaper when everything can be discussed and agreed upon.

Collaborative Divorce Is Easier For Children

When married parents decide to divorce, this can have a lasting impact on the children involved. It can be traumatic if the proceedings go through court, and the child has to go through questions and ‘choose’ a parent. A collaborative divorce will help parents protect their children and reduce the emotional impact and upheaval of a typical divorce. 

A Collaborative Divorce Is Less Emotionally Traumatic 

The process of uncoupling, splitting assets, and discussing child custody is already difficult; however, when that is under the microscope of a court, there are heated arguments and questions. Typical divorce proceedings can heighten the emotions of upset, resentment, anger, and otherwise be unsettling. 

Although some upsetting emotions may surface when working collaboratively with the same goal, the proceedings are dealt with in a calmer and more manageable way. With professionals and experts on hand to help the spouses reach the best resolution and move forward positively. 

Collaborative Divorce Is A Faster Procedure

Traditional divorces can be invasive and lengthy processes, and things that would have remained private will become (or feel like they become) public. A collaborative offers a faster and more private solution to deal with any disputes that arise. 

A collaborative divorce offers the spouses, their children, and other loved ones a less invasive, cheaper, and more manageable way to divorce. Each party can negotiate the issues that matter with the support of professionals. Collaborative divorce presents an opportunity to ensure that the divorce results are a sustainable and mutually beneficial resolution. 

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