What Our Clients Have to Say

We’ve helped hundreds of our clients restore a sense of peace and normalcy to their lives–but why take it from us? Scroll down to see what they have to say for themselves.

I wanted to go through the divorce process without losing my integrity and becoming bitter. Debra helped me navigate through my options with civility. Needing to get a divorce is unpleasant, but I was very satisfied with the final outcome Debra helped me to achieve.

Amanda P.

Debra represented our family through a complicated and difficult custody and adoption. Debra was always a brilliant communicator and compassionate advocate throughout the process. Her level of professionalism and strength as an attorney were unmatched. Our family has and always will hold her in the highest regard. She never gave up and heard our thoughts, experiences, and fears and made us all feel she truly represented us. I can honestly say we all think of Debra as part of our family. There is no doubt in our minds that without her, there would have been a much different outcome. I cannot think of anyone I would entrust my family to except her.

Linda L.

Deb represented me as my attorney in a divorce that lasted about 12 months, and has provided occasional follow-up in response to questions and challenges over the last 2 years. Deb and her team were absolutely and always great to work with. They were professional and responsive. I especially liked the way Deb would thoroughly listen to my issue or concern and offer a variety of options for resolution. She would provide a “you could do this” option, but then suggest alternative(s) that would accomplish the same or better outcome with less effort or expense. Because of her experience and understanding of human nature she would find the best solution to achieve the desired outcome. Her power of practical thinking saved me considerable angst. I highly recommend Deb for anyone working through this very difficult situation.

Peter S.