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Our Family in Two Homes

Our Family in Two Homes is the ideal Resource Package for separating parents who are still raising children.

Our Resource Package includes:

1. An individual meeting (usually about an hour) with our Mediator and each of you separately, so you can confidentially express your needs concerns, ask questions about the mediation process and prepare for the joint mediation sessions.

2. A comprehensive Workbook for each of the two of you to complete privately – on your own time. The Workbook will help you better prepare for the discussions you need to have in joint mediation sessions, including exercises to help you understand your communication and conflict challenges, your shared values and even your “money personality”

3. An easy to follow Information to Gather List – tailored to your family situation and needs

4. A Joint Mediation Session for the two of you with our Mediator  – approximately 2 hours  – where you will all work together to address the challenges you are having.

At the end of your first joint mediation session you will both be Better Informed and Better Prepared to work towards agreement so we can make an informed plan for the best way forward. We will be better able to predict the amount of mediation time you will need and can work out an additional flat rate or payment plan

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