How to Be a Good Friend to Someone Going Through a Divorce

Sometimes, you meet someone and think they’re the one… but then they’re not. Divorce is a heart-wrenching process, both for those involved and for their loved ones. If you’re watching a friend go through it, you know they’re dealing with a lot of fear, anger, guilt, and uncertainty. Even with the help of Essex County divorce attorneys, they must have a stable support system, but it can be challenging to know the best way to show your support.

What can you do when watching your friend’s world fall apart?

Just Listen

For the person experiencing trauma, talking is critical. Even if they keep rehashing the same story, let them. Verbally acknowledging grief is the first step in letting it go. Don’t feel like you need to have the perfect response, either. Advice can be redundant. Phrases like “You’re much better off without them!” and “Get back out there!” don’t do anything to heal open wounds. Try practicing active listening to help your friend feel heard and understood.

Invite Them to Go Out… Even if They Keep Saying No

Divorce can be lonely, so it’s critical to continue inviting your friend to social events. Even if they don’t feel ready to leave the house, extending them the invitation shows them you care. Plus, they’ll have so much fun when they do finally come! Living your best life after divorce can seem impossible, but with time, they can heal.

Divorce proceedings can get messy when it comes to involving Essex County family court. The occasional night out can help ease stress. Remember, there is more to your friend than the divorce situation. Spend time with them to take their mind off the struggles they’re facing.

Don’t Trash Their Ex

Avoid trashing your friend’s ex no matter how much you think they deserve it. Divorce requires a complicated deconstruction of the relationship. Bad-mouthing their ex may make your friend feel uncomfortable coming to you when they’re sad or they wish things could be different.

Cook a Meal

With the emotional weight of a divorce and proceedings with Essex County family court, taking care of yourself can feel like a chore. Depression can cause someone to either stop eating altogether. Bringing over a nutritious home-cooked meal can take a burden off their shoulders. If you’re not one for cooking, paying for a pizza or take-out can go a long way. Ask your friend if they’re feeling lonely and would like you to stay, or give them space if it seems like they need it.

Help Them With Responsibilities

When two partners separate, responsibilities like walking the dog or taking children to school can be challenging. While they may be dealing with Essex County court in NY, taking on some minor responsibilities can lessen stress and let them focus on other pressing issues.

Don’t Push for Details

If your friend doesn’t open up immediately, don’t push them too. Everyone copes differently, and they may not be ready to share details.

Divorce is complicated. Whether your friend needs a tub of ice cream and a shoulder to cry on or a night out to forget their worries, being there for them demonstrates true commitment to your friendship. When it comes to navigating Essex County family court, your friend is going to need you. They will be forever grateful to you for supporting them before, during, and after their major life change.

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