Collaborative Divorce

How We Can Help with Collaborative Divorce

If you think the term ‘collaborative divorce’ is an oxymoron, hear us out. This alternative to standard divorce proceedings is like mediation in that you stay out of the courts, but like divorce, in that, each spouse is represented by a divorce lawyer who is specially trained in the collaborative process.   The parties and their attorneys commit to resolving every aspect of the divorce out of court and are not permitted to threaten litigation as a negotiation tactic.  The parties also engage a divorce coach who provides guidance and emotional support to each spouse as they move through the collaborative divorce process.

Collaborative divorce can be a great option for preserving the emotional health of the couple’s children. Not only are spousal disputes settled privately outside of court in a collaborative divorce, but the proceedings are generally much quicker and less expensive than standard divorce proceedings. Less time and money spent means a less stressful family life altogether–now that’s a win-win.

In addition to the emotional benefits, couples typically have more control over collaborative divorce proceedings. This means that if either spouse is dissatisfied with a resolution, they can veto it at any point in favor of a new resolution. Collaborative divorce proceedings also stay off the public record, which gives you both the freedom and privacy to hash out some of the more sensitive details of your case.

To kickstart this process, couples must first agree to share all relevant documents and financial information with their lawyers, as well as agree to respect each other’s desires and priorities and refrain from using any past wrongs against each other. Sometimes, outside professionals like accountants and/or financial advisers help make spousal support or child support agreements.

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