Tips For Summer Co-Parenting Planning

Summer is here and the kids are on the break which should mean your own break from the school-year scheduling hassles, right? Not necessarily if you’re divorced and co-parenting with your ex. In fact, you may be facing even more stress as you navigate a schedule that has more options – camps, vacations, sports to name a few – and is much more open to argument. Without these tips for summer co-parenting planning, of Read More

Understanding Grandparent Rights During Divorce

There are no question how important grandparents can be in a child’s life. In fact, research has shown that closeness between grandparents and grandchildren can improve mental health and emotional well-being for both you. This benefit is helpful when the child’s parents are going through a divorce. Therefore, in honor of Grandparent’s Day on September 13, we’re devoting this blog to understanding grandparent rights Read More

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Five Tips to Empower Healthy Romantic Relationships

In honor of International Women’s Day this month, we want to do our part to empower you, your friends, your sisters, your mothers, your daughters, and all the females everywhere in one of the most important aspects of your life – your relationships. Specifically, helping you identify and maintain healthy romantic relationships. Check out these tips.   Characteristics of Healthy Relationships It seems we’re Read More

Step-Parenting Tips for Different Age Groups

Despite what “The Brady Bunch” may have portrayed, most step-parents go into the role knowing they have their work cut out for them. Love and trust are earned, right? While you likely know the basics – setting boundaries, keeping the lines of communication open, making sure you don’t overstep – what many people don’t realize are the nuances needed for children of different ages. Quite simply, what works to build your Read More

Modern Family Prep for the Holidays

There’s a reason most of our holiday celebrations are about as far from a Norman Rockwell painting as you can get – the family unit has evolved. Today’s modern family encompasses extended family members, single parents, gay parents, and adopted children, not to often mention a mix of races, ethnicities, and religious beliefs. This means our holidays are often a blending of backgrounds, experiences, and traditions Read More

Newly Single: How to Have a Happy Valentine’s Day After Divorce

Of all the first holidays after a divorce, Valentine’s Day is arguably the most difficult. No doubt all the advertising and social media with lovey-dovey couples are painful to see. But the fact remains that a holiday celebrating love isn’t exclusive to just the romantic kind. The love you have for your friends, family, children, and even yourself is the most enduring anyway, right? And it’s also the key to having a Read More

How to Spring Clean Your Life from Narcissistic Abusers

It’s the time of year when we start our spring cleaning, but there’s no reason it should just be limited to the stuff in our closets and garage, especially if there is a narcissistic abuser in your life. You can (and should) kick them to the curb, too! Here are the signs of narcissistic abuse in a relationship and what you can do about it. Signs of Narcissistic Abuse Narcissism is an often-used term to describe Read More

How to Celebrate Dad When You Are Divorced This Father’s Day

The marriage may now be finished, but chances are you and your ex are just getting started when it comes to the new reality of navigating holidays with your children. Trust us, it can be done successfully! With Father’s Day coming up soon, we think it’s the perfect time to learn how to honor the holiday amicably and appropriately for everyone. Check out these five tips to celebrate dad when you are divorced. Work Read More

Earth Day Ideas: The Why’s and How’s of Virtual Breakups

Earth Day is about raising awareness of the need to protect our planet’s natural resources and learning how you can do your part for the environment. You’ll hear about planting trees, conserving water, recycling, and reducing your use of plastics, and we’ve got another one for you: virtual breakups. Surprising, right? However, with no vehicle emissions or paper required, it gives new meaning to the term “clean Read More

Divorce Party Yay or Nay?

Yes, there is such a thing as a divorce party. They are becoming increasingly popular, actually. While it may seem unusual to celebrate the end of a marriage, most cultures do honor major life events such as birthdays, graduations, and even funerals. As such, maybe it’s not so strange after all to commemorate what was in your marriage and to find closure for yourself. Even so, this approach might not be right for Read More