How to Protect Yourself During a New York Divorce Court From Your Narcissistic Husband

Amicable divorces are rare, but definitely possible with the right approach. However, going through a New York divorce with a narcissist can be a different nightmare situation altogether. Narcissists remain self-involved to an extreme degree, often ignoring those around them. Genuine narcissists commonly disregard others and their feelings, completely ignoring the impact their behavior can have on others. Divorcing a Read More

3 Subtle Signs Your Narcissist Husband Wants a Divorce And When to Get a New York Divorce Lawyer

No spouse wants to hear, “I think we should get a divorce.”  Those words don’t always come from narcissistic partners, but if they do, your road is about to get a whole lot bumpier. Narcissists are known to be selfish and manipulative. Some narcissistic individuals even show traits of being unfaithful in the relationship, which triggered the talk of divorce in the first place. Nevertheless, it's important to remember Read More

Collaborative Divorce: The Best Way to End a Marriage

When we think about divorce, we might picture the movies or the law series where there is a lot of shouting and disagreement - it doesn’t have to be this way.  While many emotions are involved in divorce proceedings, many ex-couples can benefit from a gentler and more collaborative process.  What is a Collaborative Divorce?  A collaborative divorce is a way to end a marriage through collaborative law. Read More

Domestic Violence in Child Custody and Visitation Rights: Your Questions Answered

Being in a violent and difficult-to-navigate relationship is difficult enough; however, things can get more complicated and worrisome when child custody and visitation rights begin to be discussed.  Perhaps you are looking for information about what might happen if you leave your current situation or have already left. You seek answers about what happens in cases with domestic violence and child custody and Read More