8 Divorce Myths You Need To Be Aware Of

Well, it’s happening. You and your partner have finally made the decision to go your separate ways. Now what? Divorce can be a complicated process, especially considering how much misinformation exists online. Getting the facts can make things less confusing and give you realistic expectations about the process and outcomes.

Here are 8 divorce myths you need to be aware of to ensure smoother proceedings.

1. It’s Always Contentious

The ending of a marriage can be incredibly painful, and we encourage you to reach out and find the emotional support you may need. However, for some people, divorce can also be utterly freeing. If both partners can communicate respectfully and effectively, they can get an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce allows both parties to save money, time, and energy associated with a contested divorce. Still, if you find it impossible to work with your ex and an uncontested divorce sounds difficult, many fantastic Essex County divorce attorneys are available to help.

2. The Mother Always Gets Primary Custody

The idea that only mothers can expect to receive primary custody of their children is a thing of the past. Instead, the law will consider each party’s income or relationship with the child. Essex County Court in NY is primarily concerned with the child’s well-being.

3. Assets Are Always Divided Equally

The equal division of assets and property is not always practical. The court will consider each party’s income and earning potential when deciding who gets to keep what. Essex County divorce attorneys can make sure you walk away with what you need financially.

4. Divorce is Scandalous

Traditional gender roles considered divorce shameful and scandalous, but today, it’s not uncommon to hear about marriages ending. Divorce is frequently in the best interest of both partners, and mediation in New York can ensure a fair, smooth transition during a split. 

5. Stay Together “For the Kids”

Although a family change will always be an adjustment for your kids, it may be more emotionally damaging for a child to witness a contentious marriage rather than a calm separation. Sometimes, the option that may seem difficult may be best for everyone in the long run.

6. Men Don’t Get Spousal Support

Do men receive spousal support? The myth that they don’t comes from earlier divorce laws when most women did not work outside the home. Essex County divorce attorneys will ensure that the court considers the financial situation of both partners when deciding who needs help. 

7. Adultery Is the Nail In the Coffin

Contrary to popular belief, instances of adultery do not affect your financial gains or rights to child custody when it comes to a messy divorce. Although there are instances of adultery that include neglectful parenting or irresponsible financial decisions, infidelity itself should not hurt the outcome of divorce proceedings. 

8. Children Pick the Parent They Choose to Live With

Although the court will consider an older child’s preference, this alone will not determine which parent the child gets to live with. Essex County Court in NY focuses majorly on the child’s safety and overall well-being and will seek to find the option that is truly best for them.

For the Essex County family, divorce can be a confusing time, but it doesn’t have to be. Awareness of the many facets of a split can help ensure a brighter future for you, your ex, and your family. We wish you comfort in this trying time and hope your transition is even easier than you expect it to be.

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